Our Story

Kim and Shannon, the duo behind PrintChicks, crossed paths in the year 2000 when Kim joined the same high school as Shannon. A strong camaraderie swiftly formed as they collaborated on curricula for their art and business classes. After dedicating years to pioneering content in graphic arts and business, they resolved to not just teach, but also to actively create. This marked the inception of PrintChicks, fueled by their shared creativity.

PrintChicks thrives on its commitment to ingenuity, channeling its energy into creating personalized gifts adorned with clean, daring, and contemporary designs. In 2012, the launch of their Etsy shop ushered in swift triumph, especially with their range of personalized sport typography prints. In 2014, PrintChicks ventured beyond, establishing their own independent website at www.printchicks.com, which remains their digital home. Their footprint also extends to Amazon Homemade, solidifying their presence across platforms.

For inquiries about specific prints or to explore tailored orders, you're encouraged to get in touch with PrintChicks via contact@printchicks.net. Your communication is warmly welcomed!