Our Story

The PrintChicks, Kim and Shannon, met in 2000 when Kim was hired to teach at the same high school as Shannon. The two became fast friends as they began working together to develop curriculum in their art and business courses.  After years of developing cutting edge content in graphic arts and business, they decided to not only teach, but "do". Inspired by that creativity, PrintChicks was hatched.  

The PrintChicks thrive on being innovative and creating personalized gifts with simple, bold and contemporary designs. The PrintChicks are passionate about building a brand that produces quality, personalized prints for each customer.  When they opened their Etsy shop in 2012, the PrintChicks found instant success with their personalized sport typography prints.  In the beginning of 2014 the PrintChicks built an independent site, www.printchicks.com which is the Home of the Original Sport Typography Prints.

The PrintChicks know that everyone wants to feel special and we can help make that happen! The PrintChicks's sport typography prints are perfect to decorate any bedroom at any age, or are great as a unique end-of-the-season gift for the coach, as well as the entire team. Personalize ALL the prints and products to make that gift or space unique!

Do you have a question about any of the prints or would like to request a custom order? Please contact PrintChicks at: contact@printchicks.net.